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Let the wide range of delicious flavors, from decadent dark chocolate cake, to our tender and light vanilla notes, allow you to indulge the sweetest of life. These are not just cakes.. these are gourmet desserts in each bite you take.


 A light vanilla cake, paired with smooth vanilla buttercream icing.


 A flavourful moist chocolate cake paired,  with rich chocolate buttercream icing and filling.

Grand Marnier*

​ Light Vanilla cake soaked in Grand Marnier, filled with white chocolate buttercream, fresh berries, grand marier orange gelee, and swiss cream cheese. (Contains Alcohol).

Wedding Cake*

 Vanilla almond cake filled with a delicious vanilla almond buttercream, raspberry preserves, pink vanilla champagne gelee, and almond sablé. (Contains Alcohol).

Lavender Blossom

Lavender cake filled with honey buttercream, apricot preserves, almond sablé and blueberry lavender marshmallow.


Moist Strawberry cake filled with a delicious strawberry preserves, strawberry ganache, and cream cheese swiss merengue buttercream.

Mango habanero

Rich chocolate cake, filled with a layer of delicious chocolate namelaka, fresh mango buttercream, and tangy mango habanero filling.

Hazlenut Crunch

Chocolate cake with chocolate chips, filled with a layer of milk chocolate ganache, toasted hazlenuts, ferrero cream and wafers.

Curious on trying out these flavors before placing orders?

Order a Sample Box Here. Perfect for a gift, or dessert.

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