Cake Flavors

Try a wide range of delicious flavors from delicate vanilla, to exquisite mango habanero


Got to have the classic! A light vanilla cake, paired with smooth vanilla buttercream icing and filling.


The diet terminator. A flavorful moist chocolate cake paired,  with rich chocolate buttercream icing and filling.

Red Velvet

The romantic side of the chocolate cake. Decadent red velvet cake filled with Raspberry Cream and Cream cheese, iced with cream cheese buttercream 


Strawberry Shortcake approved! Moist strawberry cake, filled with strawberry filling and cream cheese, iced with cream cheese buttercream.


We don't bake hangovers, we cure them! Moist brown sugar cake infused with Hennessey, paired with swiss meringue buttercream, filled with our Hennessey brown sugar swiss meringue filling. (Contains Alcohol)

Butter Pecan

Looking for something smooth? Try this smooth butter pecan cake with our buttery sweet brown sugar swiss meringue icing and filling. Soooo smooooth.

Dulce de Oro 

Get a little sweetness of my México with this cake! Light Vanilla cake filled with creamy Dulce de Leche, paired with a rich cream cheese swiss merengue icing!

Italian Cream

If you're not from the south, This cake will take you there! Coconut and pecan bits vanilla cake paired with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and Swiss meringue buttercream cream cheese.

Dolce Vita

The house cake! Light vanilla almond cake, filled with guava and mango custard alternatively, covered in our smooth cream cheese icing.

Wedding Cake

Celebrate the best day ever with the best cake! Vanilla almond cake filled with a delicious raspberry filling, covered in our vanilla almond buttercream.

Mango Habanero

What a cake that surprises you? Deep chocolate cake filled with a layer of  delicious chocolate namelaka, fresh mango cream, and tangy mango habanero filling, covered in chocolate ganache. 

Coconut Tropique

This takes you to a sunny day on the beach. Light coconut cake, filled with fruity passion fruit Crémeux, sweet mango filling and coconut cream, covered in vanilla swiss merengue.

Grand Marnier*

If you´re a fan of anything Grand Marnier, this is it.  Light vanilla cake with a hint of orange, soaked in Grand Marnier, filled with cream cheese filling and fresh berries, iced in vanilla swiss cream cheese. (Contains Alcohol)

Caramel Bourbon*

Don't' worry, we won't charge extra for the Bourbon, or the caramel. Light vanilla cake soaked in bourbon butter, filled with cream cheese filling , a layer of caramel, and candied pecans, iced in brown sugar swiss and topped with candied pecans and caramel. 


Get fancy with this cake! Decadent Chocolate cake soaked in Chamboard, filled with a layer of Ganache, Chamboard Raspberry Filling, and Fresh Raspberries. Iced in a smooth chocolate buttercream. (Contains Alcohol)


It's midnight somewhere! Dark chocolate lovers, this one is for you. Moist Dark Chocolate cake, filled with a thin layer of Dark chocolate ganache, guava filling and chocolate buttercream, Iced in a smooth dark chocolate ganache. (Contains Alcohol)

Lemon Poppy

It's summer every day here! Light Lemon poppy seed cake, filled with a layer of Lemon filling, cream cheese filling and fresh blueberries, covered in cream cheese swiss meringue!

Bailey's Chocolate Cake*

The luck of the Irish is every day with this cake! Try this rich chocolate cake, soaked in Bailey's, filled with a layer of Bailey's creme filling and chocolate namelaka, iced with Irish cream swiss merengue! (Contains Alcohol)

Dulce Pecado*

Your grandma's Dulce de Leche cake with a little spin, sorry abuela! Light vanilla cake, soaked in whiskey, filled with a layer of creamy dulce de leche and a layer of smooth cream cheese icing, paired with cream cheese swiss merengue! (Contains Alcohol)

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