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Let the wide range of delicious flavors, from decadent dark chocolate cake, to our tender and light vanilla notes, allow you to indulge the sweetest of life. These are not just cakes.. these are gourmet desserts in each bite you take.


 A light vanilla cake, paired with smooth vanilla buttercream icing.


 A flavourful moist chocolate cake paired,  with rich chocolate buttercream icing and filling.

Caramel bourbon (Contains Alcohol)

​ Light vanilla cake soaked in bourbon butter, filled with cream cheese filling, a layer of caramel and candied pecans.

Butter Pecan

 Butter Pecan cake filled with candied pecans, cajeta, brown butter icing, and butterscotch ganache.

Spiced carrot

Moist Chai Coconut Pecan Carrot Cake, filled with candied ginger, brown butter cream cheese, spiced cardamom ganache and caramel drizzle.

cafetero (Contains Alcohol)

Espresso cake soaked in coffee liquer, salted dark chocolate ganache, light biscoff fudge, and coffee cream mousse.

Belgian spice

Biscoff spiced cake, filled with biscoff cream, biscoff cookie crumbs, cream cheese swiss, and biscoff spread.


Chocolate cake filled with maple syrup buttercream, toasted hazlenuts, salted caramel fudge, chocolate ganache, and caramel drizzle.

Curious on trying out these flavors before placing orders?

Order a Sample Box Here. Perfect for a gift, or dessert.

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