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I'm So glad you are HERE! First of, CONGRATULATIONS!

I am so thankful that you have found interest in the one thing that fuels me- Creating a love story intertwined in a cake for a very special day. Working in the cake industry, I can definitely say, Cake and Treats are ALWAYS an important aspect in any wedding!

CAKE Style:


Our cake style is highly inspired by the things that surround us - from contemporary elements, such as fashion, architecture, nature, paintings, everything life has to bring. Dolce Vita wedding cakes are fine art, statement wedding cakes. 

We regret to inform you that we do not DUPLICATE or copy the work of other artists, so please give us a quick breifing about what you expect from us. You may find inspiration from your wedding mood board, your invitations, your dress, or even your love story, and we can create something uniquely for you.

It is recommended for florals, to please contact your florist to spare florals for your cake, as we can add them on the day off delivery. However, if we must provide the florals, we can.

We do offer the option of creating Faux Cakes for display.


Because most of our work is detailed and intricate at times, faux cakes give you, your moneys worth- as your cake is able to be displayed and appreciated the whole night. There is also no delay in cake cutting as the sheet cakes will be cut quickly by your caterer and there is no cake cutting mess.

It is also, at times, more economical. depending on the size and shape of the cake.

We understand that Cake cutting photos are a must- so we will be glad to add a slice of real cake in the Faux Cake.

We do not provide sketches for many reasons. The main one being the creativity and feeling during the making of your cake. A 2D sketch will never do justice when trying to detail a 3D design, so it is important that we have the creative freedom to change when we need, or add on where we see fit! We do however, gather up a “mood board” for the creative ideas used in your design.



Because our cakes are custom designed, We do not charge per slice. There are many details that go toward your cake, That being said we do not price our cakes by the slice, however here are a few starting prices depending on the service needed.


Wedding and Big Event Cakes of 40 servings or more start at $700

Elopement Cakes of 30 servings or less start at $300

Dessert Spreads start at $80

There is a Rental Fee of $100 each for stands, separators or the complete Faux Cakes. Items must be returned within 3 days after the event. otherwise YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR ORIGINAL PRICE OF ITEMS + SHIPPING FEE.


We do offer sheet cakes.

Our Deluxe cakes are 2 layers, and any flavor from our menu.

Our Basic Sheet cakes are just 1 layer and can only be Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Marble.


Our Deluxe sheet cakes serve 50 and run $140, and our Basic sheet cakes serve 30 and run $75


Sole Source Clause:

It is NOT allowed that you are to source cake elsewhere if you are working with us. If Interested in a Show cake from us, sheet cakes must be ordered from US, Dolce Vita Only. It is important for us to show our extraordinary work to you and your guests, and it is unfair to source other cakes elsewhere for a more affordable cost.

Cake tastings :


Our in person consultations are not mandatory, however recommended.  The consultation fee is $40 NON REFUNDABLE. This is solely for two people, we will meet up at a coffee shop here in Irving. 

 Monday- Friday 10 am-4pm availibility

Here's what to expect:


                    -Get personal communication with me, Priscila

                    -Try the FOUR FLAVORS from our current menu

                    -Have a look at our portfolio to grasp Ideas

                    -Discuss major points of wedding cake design *Flavor selection, color scheme,                                                      textures, decorations, florals, Rentals etc*

                    -Discuss agenda for the DAY OF the wedding

                    -Ask any question you would have.

Cake Tasting Boxes is the best option if consultation hours don't fit your schedule. You may pick up your box and taste at the comfort of your home. We can then schedule a phone call meet afterwards, or continue our email thread. This tasting box comes with 4 flavors that you may select from our menu.Our Cake Tasting Box is  $35 NON REFUNDABLE.   Tasting Box pick ups will be in Irving off of Beltline rd. And w. Northgate dr.



We are based in Irving, Texas and deliver anywhere within Texas if required .​ If you wish to pick up your Wedding or Big Event Cake, our contract  MUST be signed by the designated person. Delivery Includes set up as well (stacking tiers, adding final touches, adding florals). 


fee of $2 per mile one way.

flat fee of $150 for deliveries to: Central Dallas and Central Fort Worth​.

Delivery Charges : $2 per Mile one way


Orders over $2000 have free delivery within 30 miles round trip from our location.

For Deliveries with a Radius of 60-100 miles from Us, is a flat fee of $250.

For Deliveries with a Radius of 100-200 miles from Us, is a flat fee of $400.

We do travel! Please message us if your elopement/wedding destination is more than 200 miles

other services:

Aside from creating cakes, We do also specialize in decadent desserts for weddings and big events.

We do also  offer catering service, IF our schedule allows. We will gladly arrive to set up the cake, and participate in the reception hour until the end of the cake servings/ dessert serving. This is helpful if you have no one to cut and serve your wedding cake to your guests, or serve desserts to your guests. Our rate is currently $200.

And to add on, we do have rentals for your wedding! Ranging from Ready Made Faux cakes to cake cutting utensils.


 Once we have all the information we need, we will email you a proposal within a week which contains cake details, cost breakdowns and different quotes. Once confirmed which quote option suites you best, a contract will be immediatley sent, and a 50% deposit must be paid within a week. 

It is your responsibility to respond with time and send your down payment by the due date on the contract. Failing to respond, you risk the chance of your date becoming unavailable, your quote will not be honored after a month and your order will have been cancelled and no retainer nor deposit will be returned.

For Wedding Cakes a 50% Deposit is required to confirm your order and the remaining 50% is due 1 Week before Wedding. If needed, we may break down the payments into 4 payments.


All Payments are made via Zelle, if Zelle is not possible, we may figure out another form of payment.




Deposits and retainers NON-REFUNDABLE, Only exception is in case that the order can not be fulfilled by our side, then , a full refund will be given.

 The Client must notify Dolce Vita if there is a change in the date OR  change of their order for their event or a complete cancellation. IF change is drastic, change request may not be accepted by Dolce Vita.

If the postponement/ change/cancellation  occurs Less than 6 Months prior to the event, the Client will be charged a 30% fee of total cost and no refund will be given. 

If a postponement/ change/cancellation occurs 6 Months or more days prior to the date of the event, and work on your order HAS NOT been started, your payment will be saved as STORE CREDIT that is good for up to 4 months. There will be no extra fee charged, and no payments will be returned.

If a postponement/ change/cancellation occurs 6 Months or more prior to the date of the event, the order is fully paid,  and work on your order HAS ALREADY been started,there will be no extra fee charged, and no payments will be returned.


Changes to your order:  

Changes such as Design upgrade, serving upgrade, dessert upgrade must be submitted 6 months or more in advance.

There will be no changes allowed 6 months or less prior to the event. 


Changes such as DOWNGRADING YOUR ORDER is not allowed. Once a contract is signed, there can be no downgrading of design, serving size or dessert, and more.

I am so excited to work with you all and cannot wait to create something meaningful.

Let's create your art piece

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